# Welcome ![[Trees.png]] ## Kristopher Williams - AI-Driven Artist & Innovator Welcome to the digital garden of Kristopher Williams, an AI-driven artist based in Mukilteo, WA. My journey seamlessly intertwines the realms of technology and creativity, constantly exploring and pushing the boundaries of AI-generated art. As a remote software engineer, I revel in the freedom and flexibility my role provides, allowing me to delve into innovative projects such as dynamic e-ink displays and AI-generated postcards. My art is a manifestation of my passion for personal growth and continuous exploration, characterized by vibrant, abstract designs that capture the essence of seeing the world differently. I thrive on connecting with my local community, discovering exquisite new wines, and experimenting with advanced home automation systems. Dive into my world to witness the fusion of technology and creativity. Join me on this exciting journey of innovation and discovery. For collaborations or inquiries, connect with me on Instagram or reach out via email at [email protected]. ### About This Site This site is a digital garden, a space where I share my evolving thoughts, ideas, and projects. Unlike a traditional blog, which presents finished articles, a digital garden focuses on the ongoing process of learning and discovery. Here, you’ll find interconnected notes and ideas that grow and change over time, reflecting my journey of exploration and growth. It’s a place for work-in-progress content, personal insights, and collaborative learning. Welcome to my digital garden. ##### Here are a few topics I am thinking about right now. - [[2.1.2. DNS Basics|What is DNS?]] - [[9.1. E-Ink AI Display|Creating an E-Ink AI Display]] -